Cultural Capacity Training

What does it mean to be cultural capable?

Each time Speaking in Colour has been asked to develop a capacity training package we have varied our content to suit the needs of the client and the participants to ensure the content is engaging and useful in your work places. Below is an over of several standard packages, for full details and costings contact us directly.


Interwoven with personal narratives this 3 hour workshop covers a wide range of topics to help the participant have a greater understanding and empathy of where we are at today.

The historical and application gives participants a chance to develop a greater understanding of a wide range of products while providing them to experience a cultural activity.

Through arts workshops and practical activies, teams are encrouaged to explore common ground by working together in the spirit of reconcilation. Broader discussion about the cultural background of the workshop activity helps participants to fully appreciate the important role Indigenous culture have is out communities and workplaces. 

A range of cultural Immersion workshops are available to give the participants an opportunity to learn about the practice and to create their very own keep sake or collaborative artwork.

A concise 2 hour session designed to provide an understanding of the Aboriginal Education Policy and how this relates to the local Aboriginal needs at your local school or centre.


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