Cherie Johnson

Seamlessly, 2013

Possum pelts

50 x 60 x 40cm

This vintage style cape made with authentic possum pelts has been created in celebration of the cultural revival movement sweeping across the country as more and more people are reconnecting with the Traditional practice of making Possum Skin Cloaks. This cape represents the pride we still hold in our culture even within a contemporary society where there appears to be a seamlessly integration of Aboriginal culture into the Australian mainstream.

As a mother, educator and proud Murri Woman I am constantly aware of the displacement many Aboriginal people experience. I am saddened by the number of teenagers who feel they need to present in a particular way to be perceived as being Aboriginal. Wearing this contemporary stylized jacket doesn’t make me any less Aboriginal then if I wore a Possum Skin Cloak. It is not the style of the clothing that makes us who we are, it is our DNA.


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