On Reflection is the memoir of six friends through their diverse lives, their shared experiences of love, laughter and tears. This beautiful journey I have been blessed to be a part of at Milabah the Community Centre in Windale PS.

When Nicole first called me and asked if I would help facilitate this group’s activity I honesty replied “This really isn’t something that I do, although I am happy to come and help give the project and the participants some direction”. Somehow at that first meeting I was in. We were making plans, getting excited then the creative possibilities began to captivate us.

I soon realized that this project was part of my healing. We are all mothers, we are all wives and we all struggle at some points in our journey. This memoirs is a beautiful collation of quotes, thoughts, stories all shared so openly and honestly in laugher and in tears. I am reminded in our modern world how quick we are too loose trust, to isolate ourselves. I am also reminded of how we are created, to live at full capacity much like a river and yet we isolate ourselves; is it a form of self-protection or the curse of the successful modern woman?

To each of these women: Nicole, Jodie, Belinda, Amy, Larissa and Linda I give my thanks and thank you for letting me experience your beautiful circle of friendship. With friends like these on your side we are able to navigate the different seasons of our lives with love and in Joy.

This project has been funded by the Department of Education Employment and Work place relations with PACE (Parents and Community engagement) funding.



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