Students from the Callaghan College collective of schools, primary and secondary, meet at Plattsburg public school on 16th November 2012 to learn about Aboriginal dance with performer Cherie Johnson.

Starting with an educational foundation students learnt about Traditional Aboriginal ceremony, how, when and why performances is conducted, music styles from this region and a background to painting up. Students had fun while we learnt some moves, acted out the Honey tree dance and created a dance from the inspiration each student got from their walk around the playground.

Later that afternoon at Waratah HS another group of students were able to participate in the workshop. The performance this group created started in the morning as people walked the land to the river to paddle down the cockled creek. We saw two flocks of birds dance across the sky to meet at the creek while the cranky old crow swooped anyone who came too close. This dance was about the beauty of the place we live, it speaks of the people living in one with the land. I am looking forward to seeing the fruit from these workshops for years to come which will be the wonderful performances each student will have a chance to contribute to.


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