Teags head shot smaller 204x300Teagan is a proud Aboriginal woman, scientist and educator, with extensive experience in the community education sector. Born in Victoria then raised in New South Wales.

Teagan understands firsthand the displacement and frustration many Aboriginal people feel at past government policies and practices such as changing of personal family records.

Despite this Teagan continues to work tirelessly for her people. Starting as a guide on the Great Barrier Reef, she embedded Aboriginal perspectives and stories into tours. After completing her undergraduate studies in 2007 with Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Fisheries and aquaculture and Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

In 2008, Teagan returned to Newcastle were she was able to play a more significant role in the local Aboriginal community and meet likeminded professionals who too wanted to see more Aboriginal perspectives embedded in all curriculum. While teaching Teagan meet Cherie who became a natural mentor and with her support and guidance gave Teagan the confidence to embed Aboriginal perspectives through all of the Science faculties programs, and became a primary driver of her personal teaching principals.

In 2011 Teagan completed her Masters in Marine Science and Management, which lead to her current community position working with the Rottnest Island Authority in Western Australia. Here she has shifted her focus from solely school focused program development to wider reaching community engagement campaigns. Teagan has produced several publications including a booklet on the Aboriginal history “A guide to Aboriginal History on Wadjemup”, which she worked closely with local Aboriginal community and other government bodies for example WA museum,  to obtain factual information and photographing of artefacts for the publication. This publication received a nomination in the 2013 WA Heritage Awards.

Teagan has been appointed to a three year team to the Indigenous Advisory Committee. The committee advises to the federal Minister for Environment, providing advice to the minister and department on issues which are relevant to achieving objectives of the EPBC Act.

In 2014, as the one of two Aboriginal Youth Ambassadors, Teagan interned with the United Nations in New York, working on the communication plan for new established World Indigenous Network programme. She was able to represent Indigenous youth at an international level at the Convention on Biological Diversity, enabling her to developed her skills set further with her passion for educators to get it right in the classroom still a strong driver in her personal and professional life. Teagan is passionate about assisting teachers to deliver Aboriginal perspectives not just for Aboriginal kids in the classroom but also for the next generation of Australian children to learn meaningful lessons about our first nation people.

Teagan’s unique knowledge and input as a writer, developer of resources and presenter for Speaking in Colour is invaluable.


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